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Discover everything you need to know about Qwerty.Expert. In this help section, you can find information about all the important features. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us at

Quick tips before you start

adaptive lessons
Your lessons are generated by our unique smart adaptive algorithm. If you are a beginner, we recommend using the default "automatic progress" typing mode. Automatic lessons are based on dictionaries of the most frequently used words and phrases. With automatic progress turned on, you get the optimal learning experience.

different modes
One of the most important settings is the typo handling mode. We recommend the default "repeat the entire word" mode. In this mode, you have to rewrite the entire word in one attempt. If you make a typo, the cursor returns to the beginning of the word. This method of practicing is the most efficient way of building your muscle memory.

customizable environment
There are many options to set. Don’t be afraid to experiment! For example, you can make some visual modifications such as changing the font size or the position of specific elements to optimize the layout of your practice area. To learn more, please check the frequently asked questions below.

Quick tips for your UI environment setup

You have many options for customizing your practice environment. You can change the font size, rearrange the positions of some elements and change many other visual settings. The practice section is also free of ads, so you can focus on improving your typing skills without distractions.

change font size
Font size
element position
Elements positions
text highlight
Text highlight

change font size element position keyboard text highlight

The most important features.

  What are the most interesting features?

Our goal is to bring you an effective and entertaining tool to help you improve your typing skills. This is achieved through several important features.

Adaptive lessons - smart algorithms track your progress and generate lessons that match your skill level.
Popular words - lessons are based on the most frequently used words and phrases and real texts.
Different modes - several effective modes to improve your skills by building your muscle memory.
Customizable environment - you can adjust your work area to exactly suit your needs.
Progress visualization - beautiful, interactive charts and statistics that show your learning progress.

  Is free?

Yes, Qwerty.Expert is completely free. We use an advertisement system (Google AdSense) to help cover our maintenance costs. Regardless, we try to keep ads to a minimum. We do not show ads while you practice, so you can focus on improving your typing skills without distractions. If you like Qwerty.Expert, consider a donation to help us with future development.

  Do I need to sign up to use qwerty.experty?

No, you do not need to register. If you do not create an account, you will practice with a guest account. A guest account is almost identical to a regular account, but we recommend that you register a regular account.

  How do you protect my privacy?

If you decide to create a user account, we only keep your email address or social media login to uniquely identify you to your login username. Otherwise we do not track, collect, store, share or trade any of your personal data and see no reason whatsoever to do so. If you already have an account, you can easily delete it at any time. All your data will be permanently erased from

We use the third-party advertising platform Google AdSense. It may collect some data about you to provide you with more relevant ads. We have no access to this data. If you wish, you can opt in for personalized ads in your account settings so that we can inform Google that you have agreed to this. This option is turned off by default.

  Can I use ad blocking tools on

Yes, of course. It is not our business what kind of tools you use on your computer. We do not restrict you from using if you use an adblocker. However, if you like us, you can whitelist / turn off your ad blocking tool for our site. This will help us a lot to keep improving our service.

  How to disable add blocking software?

Multiple types of ad blocking tools are commonly used today. The most popular are Adblock,Adblock Plus, uBlock, built-in content blocking in Firefox browser and built-in Ads blocker in Opera browser.

Disable / whitelist in Adblock
Click on the Adblock icon in your toolbar, select "Don't run on pages on this site" and click on the "Exclude" button to confirm.

disable adblock

Built-in content blocking in Firefox browser
Click on the shield icon in the browser address bar and select "Turn off Blocking temporarily".

disable firefox content blocking

Built-in Ads blocker in Opera browser
Click on the shield icon in the browser address bar and press the toggle button.

disable opera ads blocker

Your account

  Do I have to register?

No. You can practice as a guest, but we recommend that you register an account. It is free, and you can track your progress more easily. Simply go to and choose your preferred login method. You can register with your email address or sign up with your Twitter or Google+ account.

  How do I create an account?

Just go to and choose your preferred login method. You can register with your email address or sign up with your Twitter or Google+ account. Please note the additional instructions after registration.

  Can I log in with different credentials?

Yes, you can create an account and then link it to your other social media accounts. For example, you can create new account with your email address and then associate it with your Twitter and Google+ accounts. From then on you can log in to your account with any of those methods. Remember, you cannot use the same login for multiple accounts.

If an error occurs, follow the instructions provided. The most common problem is that the method you are trying to connect with has already been used for another account.

  Can I have multiple accounts?

Yes, you can have as many accounts as you want. Just be a little cautious if you are using different types of credentials. Let’s say that you have two accounts. You log in to one account using your email address and the other using your Google account. Keep in mind that these two accounts are entirely separate and have their own progress and statistics. Only use multiple accounts if you are certain what you are doing.

  How do I unlink a connecting method?

Go to and click the “unlink” button for the desired login method. Confirm your intention. If everything is fine, your login method will be removed from your account. Remember, at least one login method must remain active.

  How do I delete my account?

Deleting an account is easy. Go to and press the “DELETE MY ACCOUNT” button at the bottom. Confirm your intention and it’s done. Your account will be deleted permanently. Please choose this option very carefully. This action cannot be undone.

Changing lesson preferences

  How do I change the lesson mode?

Go to your settings and choose either automatic progress or real text transcript lesson mode. With automatic progress, your lessons are generated by our adaptive algorithm that responds to your progress. You can also change the default length of lessons.

lesson mode

  How do I change the typo handling mode?

You can choose from three modes. Repeat the entire word means that if you make a typo, your cursor returns to the beginning of the word. This is the most recommended option, because it helps build your muscle memory. After some time, you will realize that you are writing letter combos and entire words automatically without thinking. With pause typing on typo, your cursor stops each time you make an error. You can only continue if you make the right keystroke. Free typing is the least restrictive mode, but you are given a small, additional time penalty for each typo you make.

typo handling

  How do I toggle between the CPM and WPM mode?

Your typing speed can be shown as CPM - characters per minute or WPM - words per minute. Just go to your settings and choose your preferred option. WPM is just the corrected CPM divided by 5.

cpm and wpm

  How do I adjust the key priority?

If you want to practice specific letters more than others, you can set these letters to priority. The lesson generator will take this into account and select words with the priority letters more often.

  What happens when I am interrupted while I practice?

Don’t worry. Our practicing tool recognizes any inactivity. It will pause your progress automatically so that your final lesson statistics will not be affected.

  Can I skip the line or an entire lesson?

Yes, you can. You can click the [skip line] and [skip lesson] buttons for this purpose. These buttons are located on the left side of the practice area, right next to the buttons to change the font size.

skip line     skip lesson

  How do I reset my progress?

Resetting your progress is easy. Go to your stats and press the “RESET MY PROGRESS” button at the bottom. Confirm your intention and it’s done. You can start practicing with clean statistics again. Please choose this option very carefully. This action cannot be undone.

Customizing your visual preferences and working area

  How do I change the font size?

Move your mouse cursor over any area with text. Small buttons will appear on the left side of the practicing area. Click on [+][-][A] buttons to increase, decrease or reset the font size.

font size

  How do I adjust the positions of elements in the working area?

On the left and right sides of the practicing area are pairs of small arrows. Move your mouse to these arrows until your cursor changes. A narrow gray line will also appear. Now click and drag to change the positions of elements.

elements positions

  How do I change the keyboard assistant visual settings?

From your settings, toggle the visibility of the keyboard assistant. Switch the key hint option that indicates the next keystroke to press. If you like, you can turn on / off the animations for keys pressed on your keyboard.

keyboard assistant

  How do I switch between different typing progress visualizations?

Use the highlight text on progress option to display your finished text as highlighted. If you prefer a less distinctive design, choose hide text on progress, and your finished texts will be grayed instead.

highlight text     hide text

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